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Samuel Dwight Alfred – Obituary

The obituary for my 3rd great grandfather–Samuel Dwight Alfred–in the St. Albans Messenger, May 15, 1889 (page 3):

Samuel D. Alfred was born in Springfield, Mass., June 14, 1804. When he was quite young his parents removed to Westfield. At the age of eleven years he lost his father, who was engaged in trading between New York and the West Indies. At 10 he went to Hartford, Conn., where he served an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker, at which trade he worked in Connecticut and New York till 1832, when he returned to Berkshire Centre, where he engaged in the mercantile business and remained for several years. From there he went to West Haven, where he remained only two years. He moved to Fairfax in June, 1842. He remained active is business until the spring of 1865, when he sold out to his son, John B., since which time he has given his time in looking after his farming interest and visiting his children settled in different parts of the West.

Mr. A. was a man very positive in his convictions, whether in regard  to his own or public interests. In business transactions he dealt with the rich and poor alike. A child sent to his store was treated with the same consideration as the most honored citizen. He was interested in education , not only in the common school, but in higher education, as was shown in his efforts combined with so many others to establish and maintain the new Hampton Institute. He always manifested great interest in the welfare of his children, giving them every opportunity for improvement and aiding them in every way by his counsel and advice so long as he lived, and by them will be greatly missed. He was twice married; in 1825 to Miss Sally Willard of Lansingburg, N. Y., who died 1828; in 1932 he married Miss Polly Smith, who, with 7 of their children, still survives him, and with the exception of one all were present at his funeral, which was attended from his late home (which he had occupied for 46 years) Thursday, May 9th, Rev. Henry Crocker officiating, assisted by Rev. J. G. Lorimer, an old friend of the family.

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Mr. Hammersley on the Ship Thomas P. Cope

William S.  Hammersley “was a manufacturer of chinaware in England, which business he followed until 1843, in which year he emigrated to America, locating in New York City, where he became an importer of china and earthenware.” When he made that transatlantic crossing on 20 May 1843, he seems to have come alone, with his family to follow sometime later.

The ship he came on was the Thomas P. Cope:

The Thomas P. Cope was a packet ship that sailed between Philadelphia and Liverpool, making 21 round-trip voyages between 1839 and 1846. In December 1846 the ship was struck by lightning and burned for six days before sinking. (source)

Independence Seaport Museum 014


Cover Photo Source.

Ralph Hammersley & “Jane”

Who is the “Jane” that was married to Ralph Hammersley, and mother to my 4th GGF William Shufflebottom Hammersley? Don’t know yet, but here are two candidates:

  • Stevenson, Jane – Married a Ralph Hammersley on 12 August 1798 in Uttoxeter, Stafford, England (Source)
  • Greatback (or Greatbatch), Jane – Married a Ralph Hammersley on 9 November 1804 in Stoke-Upon-Trent, Stafford, England (Source) (Source)


With William’s birth coming on 23 August 1805 in Hanley, Stafford, England, either of these “Jane’s” could be his mother based strictly on the years of their marriages. The notation that the Ralph that married Jane Greatbatch was a Pot Dealer is a nice link given William’s career path, but still not proof enough. Hot on the trail …

Thomas Adams, father-in-law to Daniel Appleton of Buxton, ME

Source: History of Nottingham, Deerfield, and Northwood: Comprised Within the Original Limits of Nottingham, Rockingham County, N.H., with Records of the Centennial Proceedings at Northwood, and Genealogical Sketches, Elliott Colby Cogswell – January 1, 1878. LINK

Mr. Cogswell married, August 12, 1842, Sophia Ann, daughter of Deacon Thomas Adams of Gilmanton, born January 24, 1819. Their Upham, born September 6, 1845, graduated from Gilmanton Academy, 1865, married, November 19, 1865, George W. Bingham, graduate of Dartmouth College in 1863, and they live in Burlington, Ia.; (3) Ellen Sophia, born July 14, 1847, died August 13, 1849; (4) Martha Ellen, born December 28, 1849, graduated from Coe’s Academy, 1869, married, December 3, 1874, John G. Mead, jr., of New York City, where they reside; (5) Elizabeth Greenleaf, born March 5, 1852, graduated from Coe’s Academy, 1871, married, February 28, 1877, Charles H. Prescott of Walpole, Mass.; (6) William Badger, born August 5, 1854, now a member of Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York City; (7) Thomas Herbert, born August 5, 1856, died September 17, 1860; (8) Ephraim Bradford, born May 11, 1859, died July 25, 1860; (9) Henry Burr, born April 5, 1861, member of Coe’s Academy.

It is worthy of statement that eight brothers, the sons of Nathaniel Cogswell and Judith Badger of Atkinson, served in the war of the Revolution; that six of these sons were in the service at the same time; that all lived to see General Washington President of the United States; and that no one of the nineteen children of these Christian parents dishonored their parentage.

Thomas Adams, father of the wife of Rev. E. C. Cogswell, descended from Henry Adams, who came from Devonshire, England, in 1630, and settled in Braintree, Mass., where he died October 8, 1646. His children were Henry, Samuel, Thomas, Peter, Joseph, William, and Edward. His son Joseph, born in England, 1626, married, November 26, 1650, Abigail Baxter. Their children were Henry, Joseph, John, Bethia, Samuel, Peter, Jonathan, Deliverance, and Mary. Their son Joseph married Hannah Bass, one of whose children was John, from whom President J. Q. Adams descended, also Rev. Joseph Adams of Newington, N. H., who was born January 1, 1689, graduated from Harvard College 1710, ordained November 16, 1715, and died May 26, 1783. Mary, granddaughter of Rev. Joseph Adams of Newington, married Jonathan Ross, jr., of Gilmanton.

William, son of Henry Adams, the progenitor, removed to Ipswich, Mass., and died there, 1661. He had three sons, William, Nathaniel, and Samuel. This William, jr., had a son, Thomas, born 1696, died 1762. He had Thomas, Ezekiel, Ephraim, and Benjamin; the last two settled in New Ipswich, and from one of these, Ephraim, descended the late Prof. Adams of Dartmouth College.

Thomas, brother of Ephraim and Benjamin, born 1730, died 1797, lived in Ipswich, and married Elizabeth Brown, by whom he had Deborah, Elizabeth, who married Daniel Appleton of Buxton, Me., Hannah, Bethia, Lucy, Abigail, who married Thomas Ross of Gilmanton, Sarah, Thomas, Moses, Mary, who married Ephraim Smith, and afterwards William Price of Gilmanton, and Lydia. This Thomas, son of Thomas Adams and Elizabeth Brown, was born September, 1757, died May 6, 1844, married Anna Porter, by whom he had: John; David; Nancy; William, who settled in Boston, was deacon of Salem-street Congregational Church for many years, and whose daughter, Sarah E., is the wife of Hon. J. S. Potter, United-States Consul at Stuttgart, Germany; Thomas; George; Allen; Moses; Deborah; Smith; and Samuel. This Thomas, son of Thomas Adams and Anna Porter, was born March 17, 1792, married, March 27, 1817, Sophia Kimball, born January 28, 1798, daughter of David Kimball of Gilmanton; he was deacon of the Congregational Church at Gilmanton for many years. Their children were: (1) Sophia A., born January 24, 1819, married, August 12, 1842, Rev. E. C. Cogswell; (2) Hazen Worcester, born July 25, 1823, graduated from Dartmouth College 1847, married Jane C. Amos (Campbell) of Hackensack, N. J., August 27, 1861; their children are: Hattie C., born March 23, 1862; Martha N., born April 6, 1864; Ellen S., born April 16, 1866; Charles F., born October 18, 1869; (3) Martha H., born August 19, 1825, married, October 16, 1849, G. C. Nealley of Burlington, Ia. (see sketch of Nealley family, Nottingham); (4) Mary Frances, born July 24, 1827, married, October 19, 1853, Dr. Gilliam C. Terhune of Hackensack, N. J., graduate of New (6) Ellen Elizabeth, born Septembe r 1, 1835, died July 29, 1838; (7) Edward Elliott, born August 22, 1839, died August 6, 1841. Deacon Adams died May 21, 1873, aged eighty-one; his wife died July 6, 1874, aged seventy-six.

Our Mayflower Descendancy


Richard Warren (1579 – 1628)
is my 10th great grandfather

Nathaniel Warren (1624 – 1667)
son of Richard Warren

Richard Warren (1646 – 1697)
son of Nathaniel Warren

Anne Warren (1688 – 1737)
daughter of Richard Warren

Mary May (1713 – 1776)
daughter of Anne Warren

Simeon Valler (1748 – 1789)
son of Mary May

Silvanus Valler (1803 – )
son of Simeon Valler

Mary Jane Valler (1839 – 1872)
daughter of Silvanus Valler

Charles Abbott Dixon (1863 – 1948)
son of Mary Jane Valler

Etta Edwards Dixon (1894 – 1966)
daughter of Charles Abbott Dixon

Wilbur F Lewis Jr. (1915 – 2001)
son of Etta Edwards Dixon

daughter of Wilbur F Lewis Jr.