The Koch family in my tree came from Germany in 1863 when Georg Theodor Koch emigrated to New York City. He was born 2 February 1845 in Wasungen Sachsen – Meiningen, Germany.

Johannes Jacob Koch, a blacksmith (Nagelschmiedemeister) in Wasungen, had five children with his wife Maria (Catharina?) Christine Dressler:

  • Gustav, 28.1.1837 – Nagelschmiedemeister – emigrated to America in 1866
  • Hermann, 18.7.1838
  • Auguste, 2.1.1840
  • Rosalie, 31.1.1842 – emigrated to Brasil in 1863
  • Georg Theodor, 2.2.1845 – emigrated to America in 1863

Sometime between his arrival and the birth of his first child, Theodor married Bertha Bach. They had four children, including my great grandmother Bertha C. Koch, born 26 June 1886 in New York City. She was baptized at age 14 at St. Joseph’s Church (Washington Place and 6th Avenue), and married George Gaudy on 26 June 1907 at the same church.

Theodor died young at only age 51 of heart failure on 2 April 1896, and his widow remarried and had several more children with her second husband. George and Bertha Gaudy would have three children, including my grandmother Lillian.

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