I don’t know a whole lot about the origins of the Wrights of Prince Edward Island. William G. Wright (1826 – abt. 1891) married Sarah Dennis (1826 – ?) on 28 December 1848. Their marriage was recorded 17 February 1849. The witnesses to their marriage were Isaac Smith, Jr. and James Douglas, and it was presided over by a Weslyian minister Edmund Botterell. William and Sarah had five children: Laura Blanche, Emmea, Henry Pope, Edith Jane and Lewis. According to the 1881 Canada Census, he was a home builder and Methodist.

It would appear that 22 Hillsborough Street in Charlottetown was the family’s residence at one time or another:

In 19th-century rural Prince Edward Island it was not unusual for individuals to enter into very lengthy leases. While not as common in Charlottetown, this property was an exception; Dennis Reddin leased it to Mary Dunn, widow of James Dunn in 1852 for 999 years. The rent was one peppercorn per year, but Mary did purchase a house on the property from Mr. Reddin for seventy pounds. The widow Dunn lived in the house until 1872, but before passing away assigned the lease to William G. Wright. He later passed it on to Patrick Lappin, engineer with the PEI Railway. (Source)

My 2nd great grandmother was their first child, Laura Blanche Wright, born 4 March 1861. She married Stephen Henry Lewis on 15 June 1885 in Charlottetown. S.H. Rice was the Methodist minister who married them. The marriage was recorded 23 October 1885. Soon after their marriage, the newly minted couple left Canada for Somerville, Massachusetts, where they would live the rest of their lives. Laura would have six children with Stephen: Harold W., Wilbur Fletcher, Dudley W., Minott White, Grace Meldon, and Laura Wallace.

Laura Blance (Wright) Lewis died on 12 September 1926 at the age of 65.

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