Ralph Hammersley & “Jane”

Who is the “Jane” that was married to Ralph Hammersley, and mother to my 4th GGF William Shufflebottom Hammersley? Don’t know yet, but here are two candidates:

  • Stevenson, Jane – Married a Ralph Hammersley on 12 August 1798 in Uttoxeter, Stafford, England (Source)
  • Greatback (or Greatbatch), Jane – Married a Ralph Hammersley on 9 November 1804 in Stoke-Upon-Trent, Stafford, England (Source) (Source)


With William’s birth coming on 23 August 1805 in Hanley, Stafford, England, either of these “Jane’s” could be his mother based strictly on the years of their marriages. The notation that the Ralph that married Jane Greatbatch was a Pot Dealer is a nice link given William’s career path, but still not proof enough. Hot on the trail …

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