Who were Polly Smith’s parents?

polly-smithI had long thought that the parents of Polly Smith, my 3 GGM, were Zadoc Smith and Mary “Polly” Babcock. I believe this parentage originally came from Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970, and therefore should have been treated as such. However, I was a young man trying to go back as far as possible, so onward I went with this assumption (which conveniently led to an American Revolution patriot ancestor). This parentage is also part of the genealogical file that was prepared by a relative, so it does carry some credence. However, I had some doubts about it in the last year or so, and so the following discovery is intriguing to say the least.

However, I recently found this listing on Find-a-Grave. Her parents are clearly shown here to be Ira Smith and  Obedience Martindale. With Vermont records pre-1850 being what they are, I have had little success in the brief (read: Googling) research I’ve done into the family. And, as always, the surname “Smith” doesn’t lend itself to helping my efforts.

This post is another “open” post that will be updated as I am able to find out more details. It is also open in the hopes of someone with definitive proof to post and help a brother (or, more accurately, distant cousin) out!

UPDATE (8/22/14): In reviewing the book Isaiah Babcock, Sr. and his descendants
By A. Emerson Babcock, I noticed that Elias Babcock and Huldah Kinne (or Kenney) had several children, including a “Polly” born in Dalton, MA 29 Jun 1782. However, this Polly is said to have married a “Robert Smith” in Sandy Lake, NY before settling in Sheldon, VT. This would contradict the SAR application showing this Babcock marrying a “Zadoc Smith.”

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