Golden Wedding at Fairfax

Golden Wedding at Fairfax

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Alfred celebrated their golden wedding at their home in Fairfax on Saturday night last. Quite a large number of guests participated in the celebration–mostly old inhabitants of the locality; the guests numbered about forty–and their average ages would be about seventy years old. An excellent supper was served and a thoroughly enjoyable evening spent, six of the seven children of the couple whose semi-centennial was being celebrated were present and took part in it, one only was absent, a married daughter residing in Iowa, whose health was not such as to permit her to be present. Mr. S. D. Alfred was for a long time one of the leading merchants of Fairfax, but has been out of business since 1865. Several valuable souvenirs of the occasion were presented to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred.

The Burlington Free Press
(Burlington, Vermont)
29 Nov 1882, Wed • Main Edition • Page 3


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