155 Euston Street – Built by William Wright

From Canada’s Historic Houses:

155 Euston Street is a Second Empire style, three storey, former town house located near what was traditionally referred to as Gallows Hill. The large building was constructed in 1875 for the manager of the Guardian newspaper and printer, Joseph William Mitchell (1836-1888) and his wife Barbara Rachel Ann Hooper (1847-1934). The designation encompasses the building’s exterior and parcel; it does not include the building’s interior.

And the Wright connection:

In 1875, the Mitchells’ hired local architect, Richard Weeks to design their home. William Wright was hired as the contractor to build the home that was described in the Semi Weekly Patriot newspaper as a neat, three-storey, brick cottage.

And evidently you can stay there for only $49 per night!

2 thoughts on “155 Euston Street – Built by William Wright

  1. Hi – just a couple of comments on William George Wright – you are correct in that he was a son of Nathan Wright and his second wife, Harriet Searle. I haven’t dug around in my Wright file for years but have a lot of legal papers from Charlottetown Law Courts, including material about the heirs to Nathan and Harriet’s estate and William George is mentioned as a son. I descend from his daughter, Jane, who was from the first family, and was born in Hull, England prior to the family coming to PEI. Jane’s actual siblings – John, Thomas and Elizabeth appear to have left PEI either for USA or back to England. They are noted as “children not heard from in seven years” – ie they were not going to get any money! Jane is my third great grandmother and married the son of a Loyalist to NB – George Keirstead. James Douglas married Susanna Wright and Richard Wright married Catherine Douglas. Google Isaac Smith of Charlottetown PEI and lots of info comes up. Jane and George ended up in Alma, Albert County, NB where my great grandfather Henry Nathan Wright Keirstead and my grandfather, Howard Henry Keirstead were born.

    Let me know if there is anything else you need – we appear to be half cousins of some degree!

    Sandra Keirstead Thorne, Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada

    1. Thank you Sandra! This is great information, and exactly why I created this blog. I will probably reach out to you via email after the holidays with some followup information.

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