Ellen Holland’s parents, Come On Down!

While Google and Ancestry.com have gotten me to incredible places on my family tree, I am at a point now where it’ll take a few more dollars to break down the brick walls and add another generation. Case in point, requested the Marriage Certificate for John Wallace Stickney and Ellen Holland. Date of Marriage: 2 November 1868 in New York. Up until this point, I knew almost nothing beyond Ellen’s name. Here is the new information:

  • Father’s Name: John Holland
  • Mother’s Name: Ma* Donnelly
  • Place of Birth: (illegible)
  • Age at Marriage: 22 (birth abt 1846)

In addition to the brand spankin’ new info above, I also got these oddities about “John Wallace”:

  • For some reason, his name is listed at Jaques W. Stickney.
  • His birthplace is listed as Illinois, though I have other documentation listing Massachusetts.

Why did he list his name as Jaques? One of his siblings was born in Illinois, so it’s not out of the questions, just a surprise. His parents are confirmed as John Stickney and Sarah Caty (sp – Cady).

Can someone help me figure out where Ellen Holland listed her birthplace? To me it doesn’t look like any known state. Leave a comment with you best guess please. 🙂

Stickney Holland Marriage

Stickney Holland Marriage 1 Stickney Holland Marriage 2

1 thought on “Ellen Holland’s parents, Come On Down!

  1. It looks like her birth place is Ireland, and her mother’s name Mary Donnelly (the T in 1st below her first name is interfering with the Y in “Mary”.

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