Death certificates provide some, limited information

I recently wrote to the New Jersey State Archives for copies of the death certificates of Mathias Boehm and Catherine Boehm to see what information they may contain, especially regarding birth dates, birth places and parents. Unfortunately, they weren’t as descriptive as I had hoped.

What did I find out about Mathias Boehm?

  • Father’s Name: Phillipp Boehm
  • Mother’s Name: Elizabeth
  • Death Date: 25 Sep 1881
  • Age At Death: 73 years, 2 months, 4 days
  • Occupation: Privatier
  • Cause of Death: Pneumonia
  • Length of Residency: 33 years

What did I find out about Catherine Boehm?

  • Father’s Name: Unknown
  • Mother’s Name: Unknown
  • Both parents were born in Germany
  • Age at Death: 75 years
  • Cause of Death: Pneumonia

It’s not surprising that there is more information on Mathias’ certificate than on Catherine as he died first and therefore she was able provide the parentage and age information. It is also a shame that there isn’t an further information on where they were born other than the unhelpful “Germany.”

Was it worth requesting them and paying $10 each? Absolutely.

Catherine Boehm Death Mathias Boehm Death

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