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Kindness and Wasungen

As someone who has a full-time job, a house and marital obligations, often I have to resort to lazy genealogy which amounts to plugging names and places into Google and seeing what comes up. As Google continues to add websites, digital books and more, these results change over time and are becoming more useful.

While I was googling for Wasungen–the hometown in Germany of my 2nd GGF Theodore Koch–I didn’t find anything on him, or his parents and Wasungen. So I turned to simply searching for Wasungen and found results for a website created by a certain family with historic roots in Wasungen and the surrounding area. They had done lots and lots of research, held a reunion and connected with people domestically and in Germany. So as a “shot in the dark” I emailed the person listed as the contact on the site. He replied. Continue reading Kindness and Wasungen