Samuel Stickney (1663 – 1714)

SAMUEL STICKNEY, b. in Rowley, 2, 5, 1663, bapt. there April 4, 1675, m. Mary dau. of Abraham and Elizabeth (Langhorne) Heseltine, who was born in Rowley, April 30,

In 1684 “Samuel Stickney, Jr.,” was chosen one of the Town Com’te “to meet with John Perle and Richard Whomes “(Holmes) about setting up a Corn-Mill in Bradford. Afterwards
erected on Johnson’s Creek and the first of the kind put up there. He was Selectmen 1686, ’87, ’89, ’96, 1701, ‘3, Assessor 1694, Constable 1699, Surveyor 1707, 1708.

Oct. 20, 1701. Sam’l and John Simons, Christopher Bartlett, Sen’r, and Christopher Bartlett, Jr., all of Haverhill sell Samuel Stickney, Jr., and Jonathan Stickney, both of Bradford, and fifty-one others, ” a certain tract of land which was purchased of one John an Indian, Men. 28, 1700, lying in Haverhill, ten miles square.” Ack. Sept. 28, 1713, before Rich’d Saltonstall. [Essex Deeds, 31 : 54.]

He received, Jan. 28, 1703-4, by Deed of Gift, his portion of his father’s estate, 6 score acres of land in Bradford, one-half his Mowing ground and all his right of land in Rowley. [See p. 15.] Jan. 10, 1708-9, he, in consideration of a parcel of meadow of which he had received a deed of sale, sells to John Boynton of Rowley, “Two gates on the Comon in Rowley purchased of the town of Rowley by his father Samuell Stickney.” Ack. June 7, 1710. [Ibid, 26 : 210.]

March 25, 1709. ” Samuel Stickney and Anne Stickney ye Rellique of William Stickney and adm’x to his estate, having a certain tract of land and meadow ground which was our father’s in Bradford, as may appear by Deeds of Gift under our Father’s hand, we have agreed on a division of the land.” “Ack. by Samuel Stickney of Bradford, and Anne Hunt, wife of Sam’l Hunt Jr., of Bilreca, she formerly Anna, wife of Wm. Stickney, of Bradford. [Ibid, 25 : 225.]

Samuel Stickney died in Bradford ; his gravestone still standing in the burial ground there bears the inscription, ” Samuel Stickney died Dec. 30, 1714, in 51 year of his age.”

April 4, 1715. Adm. on his est. was gr. to his Wid. Mary Stickney, and an Inv. of his Dwelling house, barn and about 120 acres of land £200. Loom and tackling, Books, &c, &c, was given. May 7, 1716, an act. of adm. was rendered, the Estate, Dr. “To bringing up ye young children.” Division of his personal est. was made To Mary the widow one-third £6, 4s. 4d., to eldest son Thomas two shares, to Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Samuel, Abraham, Jonathan, Richard and Dorothy £2, 4s. 10d., each. Div. of Real Estate, into three equal parts to Thomas, Samuel and Widow.

May 5, 1818 and Nov. 21, 1722. Receipts were given by Sam’l Spawford and Sarah of Boxford, Elizabeth Stickney of Bradford, Richard Kimball, Jr., and Mary, of Bradford,
Benj. Mulliken and Elizabeth, to their brother Thomas Stickney, for their portion of their father Samuel Stickney’s estate. Oct. 24, 1722, Sam’l & Sarah Spawford rec’d of their Mother, Mrs. Mary Stickney, £8, 12s. in behalf of their brother Samuel Stickney. March 2, 1723, Richard Kimball of Bradford, yeoman, was apt’d guardian of Jonathan Stickney
a minor of about 17 years of age, son of Sam’l Stickney late of Bradford, dec’d. May 20, 1725, Abraham gave his receipt to his brother Thomas Stickney for his portion of father’s estate £12, and his brother Samuel’s £10. Dec. 29, 1730, Richard’s receipt was given to Samuel for same. [Essex Prob.]

March 17, 1716. “Widow Mary Stickney was adm. to full communion in Bradford church, where her children were bapt. She was m. 2d by Rev. Thos. Symmes, Aug. 30, 1722, to Joseph Tidd, and May 26, 1723, was dism’d to the church in Lexington, where she died Jan. 4, 1731.

Twelve children : —
Sarah, b. Dec. 9, 1690; m. Samuel Spofford, June 17, 1717.
Mary, b. Sept. 29, 1692; m. Richard Kimball, Jr., June 29, 1715-16.
Thomas, b. Aug. 23, 1694; m. Mary Mullickin; Dorothy Munroe.
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 20, 1696; m. Benjamin Mullickin.
Amos, b. Oct. 31, 1699; died before 1716.
Samuel, b. Aug. 24, 1701; m. Eliz’th Hardy; Susanna Johnson.
Abraham, b. Oct. 16, 1703; m. Abigail Hall, Feb. 20, 1727-8.
Ebenezer, b. July 25, 1705 ; d. August 2, 1705.
Jonathan, b. Jan. 19, 1707; m. Alice Symonds, Jan. 21, 1734.
Richard, b. May 9, 1709; m. Mary ; Susannah Tucker.
Dorothy, b. Mch. 18, 1711-12; m. Joseph Tidd, July 31, 1731.
Benjamin, b. Oct. 27, 1714 ; died before 1716.

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